1) DIM is an award available to the SWL and licensed amateurs radio for hearing or working different islands in departement of Morbihan (Zip code 56...).
2) There are 2 categories :
- 2 way QSO licensed amateurs,
- SWL.


3) DIM is issued for confirmed listening or contacts with stations located on :
* 5 differents islands of the list for DIM BASE.
* ENDORSEMENT for 10, 15, 20 islands and one by one after 20 islands verified.
4) Only copies of QSL cards or confirmation letters are required. All contacts must be with land stations (contacts via repeaters on islands are valid but not contacts with ships ). Send application and qsl scan to mgr F-10255 -at- wanadoo.fr.
5) Fee : e-award is free of charge.
6) Award manager is : F-10255 Stéphane MORICE.