Welcome to Japanese IOTA Islands Award English edition

To get specified points by QSO's Japanese Islands that are allocated IOTA numbers on HF or on 50MHz.Your QSO's to obtain points shall be as follows; The JIIA award issue is done on Monday, July 14. 2003

1.      As an initial step, you have to QSO's with more than 10 Japanese Islands that have JIIA numbers. (More than 5 Islands among 10, including Islands with different IOTA numbers). The numbers of are provided for each.
Count for QSL cards 15 Nov 1945 following QSO is effective.

2..   After this step is completed, the stickers of 25,50,75 will be issued to you based on the presumption that you can apply renewal in increments of each 25 islands. However, in this step, no award will be issued. The award is issued only when your points reach to 100,200, 300 or 400. (This rule is same as that of SWL)Such point receivers who obtains more than 10 Islands will be announced on the JIIA website

Application Method:

Please download gJIIA application form our gEnglish versionh website. ( Please note you are not requested to submit your QSL card. Simply submit you application based on the QSO's list duplicated from the log (GCR) with the certifications issued from two amateur stations. In such case the certification from two armature stations is not obtainable, you can apply directly to the award manager by enclosing return postage.
Aforementioned QSO's list shall identify the followings;
Date of QSO's JIIA number, Call sign of QSO's, Name band of the Island, Mode. Please refer to following example of description:
23/6/1997@AS-067-006 Uji Is  JI6KVR/6  21 SSB

Address of application: Attention to Yukihiro Deguchi JI6KVR IOTA-JA,
96 Takashima,Yatsushiro,Kumamoto 866-0014 JAPAN

JIIA Checkpoints
Local Checkpoints will be designed. Before sending your application

The strat Application fee: US$6,5 or 5IRC's, Remittance through postal exchange
Additional application: The each stickers of 25,50 and 75 will be issued.
Please submit SASE (Return mail envelope ) + another
US$3,2 or 2IRC's
Also please do not miss to write down your name and address on the return main envelope.

You can receive different award from each of 100 Islands (Application fee US$5,4 or 4IRC's) by the remittance through postal exchange.

Update 27/July /2005

General Note: most Japanese island names end with -jima or -shima [sometimes -to ] meaning Island or -retto, -gunto or -shoto meaning slands or Archipelago

Japanese IOTA Islands Award
Copyright (C) 2003-2005 IOTA-JA all rights reserved.
JIIA Number Islands Prefecture JCC.JCG
AS-007 JA1 Honsyu Is
AS-007-001 Honsyu Is Honsyuu Mainland
AS-008 JA1 North Izu
AS-008-001 Haya Tokyo
AS-008-002 Inanba Tokyo
AS-008-003 Jinai Tokyo
AS-008-004 Kozu Tokyo
AS-008-005 Mikura Tokyo
AS-008-006 Miyake Tokyo
AS-008-007 Nii Tokyo
AS-008-008 O (Izu-Oshima) Tokyo
AS-008-009 Onbase Tokyo
AS-008-010 Onhana Tokyo
AS-008-012 Shikine Tokyo
AS-008-013 To-Shima Tokyo
AS-008-014 Udone Tokyo
AS-008-015 Zenisu Tokyo
AS-012 JA6 Kyushu Coastal Is
AS-012-001 Ai Fukuoka
AS-012-002 Aino Fukuoka
AS-012-003 Aka Kumamoto
AS-012-004 Amakusa-Kami Kumamoto
AS-012-005 Amakusa-Shimo Kumamoto
AS-012-006 Azuchi Nagasaki
AS-012-007 Eno-Shima nagasaki
AS-012-008 Fuka Oita
AS-012-009 Futago Kumamoto
AS-012-010 Gezu Kumamoto
AS-012-011 Gosyoura Kumamoto
AS-012-012 Hiai Kumamoto
AS-012-013 Hime Oita
AS-012-014 Hino-Shima Kumamoto
AS-012-015 Hira Nagasaki
AS-012-016 Hoga
AS-012-017 Hoto
AS-012-018 Hyotan
AS-012-019 Ikara
AS-012-020 Ike
AS-012-021 Ikitsuki
AS-012-022 Jino
AS-012-023 Kakara
AS-012-024 Kame
AS-012-025 Kamoise
AS-012-026 Kata
AS-012-027 Ko-Ikara
AS-012-028 Kuro
AS-012-029 Kusumori
AS-012-030 Kuwa
AS-012-031 Mae
AS-012-032 Maki
AS-012-033 Mitsu-Shima Kumamoto JCC4302
AS-012-034 Muku
AS-012-035 Naga
AS-012-036 Naguura
AS-012-037 Nogama
AS-012-038 O-Shima (Fukuoka Pref)
AS-012-039 O-Shiima (Amakusa Arc)
AS-012-040 Ohira
AS-012-041 Otsu
AS-012-042 Otsuku
AS-012-043 Se
AS-012-044 Senzokuzozo
AS-012-045 Shimaura To
AS-012-046 Shishi
AS-012-047 Shoura
AS-012-048 Taka
AS-012-049 Takamoku
AS-012-050 Take
AS-012-051 Taku
AS-012-052 To
AS-012-053 Tsuji
AS-012-054 Tsukino
AS-012-055 Ubu
AS-012-056 Uma
AS-012-057 Ushi
AS-012-058 Yagyu
AS-012-059 Yoko
AS-012-060 Yokoura
AS-012-061 Yu-Shima
AS-017 JA6 Okinawa Is
AS-017-001 Aka
AS-017-002 Aguni
AS-017-003 Amuro
AS-017-004 Fukaji
AS-017-005 Geruma
AS-017-006 Gishipu
AS-017-007 Gushikawa
AS-017-008 Hamahiga
AS-017-009 Hate
AS-017-010 Henza
AS-017-011 Ie-Shima
AS-017-012 Iheya
AS-017-013 Ike
AS-017-014 Irisura
AS-017-015 Iwa Tori
AS-017-016 Izena
AS-017-017 Keise
AS-017-018 Kouri
AS-017-019 Kuba
AS-017-020 Kudaka
AS-017-021 Kuma
AS-017-022 Kuro
AS-017-023 Preliminary number
AS-017-024 Preliminary number
AS-017-025 Mae
AS-017-026 Minami
AS-017-027 Minna
AS-017-028 Miyagusuku
AS-017-029 Nagannu
AS-017-030 Naka
AS-017-031 Noho
AS-017-032 Oha
AS-017-033 Okinawa Honto (main Is)
AS-017-034 Omu
AS-017-035 Sesoko
AS-017-036 Tokashiki
AS-017-037 Tonaki
AS-017-038 Tsuken
AS-017-039 Uchibaru
AS-017-040 Yagachi
AS-017-041 Yakabi
AS-017-042 Yanaha
AS-017-043 Zamami
AS-017-044 Komaka
AS-023 JA6 Amami
AS-023-001 Amami O-Shima
AS-023-002 Eniya Hanare
AS-023-003 Eteku
AS-023-004 Hanmya
AS-023-005 Kakeroma
AS-023-006 Kikai
AS-023-007 Kiyama
AS-023-008 Okino-Erabu
AS-023-009 Sukomohanare
AS-023-010 Tokuno-Shima
AS-023-011 Uke
AS-023-012 Yoro
AS-023-013 Yoron
AS-023-014 Yuhanare
AS-024 JA6 Yaeyama Is
AS-024-001 Hateruma
AS-024-002 Hatoma
AS-024-003 Iriomote
AS-024-004 Ishigaki
AS-024-005 Kamichi-Aragusuku
AS-024-006 Kayama
AS-024-007 Ko
AS-024-008 Kobama
AS-024-009 Kuro
AS-024-010 Shimochi-Aragusuku
AS-024-011 Soto-Banari
AS-024-012 Taketomi
AS-024-013 Uchi-Banari
AS-024-014 Yonaguni
AS-030 JD1 Kazan Is
AS-030-001 Iwo-Jima
AS-030-002 Kita-Iwo
AS-030-003 Minami-Iwo
AS-031 JD1 Ogasawara Is
AS-031-001 Ane
AS-031-002 Ani
AS-031-003 Chichi-Jima
AS-031-004 Futago
AS-031-005 Haha-Jima
AS-031-006 Harino
AS-031-007 Higashi
AS-031-008 Hira
AS-031-009 Imoto
AS-031-010 Katsuodori
AS-031-011 Kitano
AS-031-012 Kitatori
AS-031-013 Mae
AS-031-014 Mago
AS-031-015 Maru
AS-031-016 Mei
AS-031-017 Monami
AS-031-018 Mukai
AS-031-019 Muko
AS-031-020 Nakakatsuodori
AS-031-021 Nakano
AS-031-022 Nishi
AS-031-023 Nishino
AS-031-024 Nishinoshima-Shinto
AS-031-025 Oi
AS-031-026 Ototo
AS-031-027 Sasauno
AS-031-028 Tmoe
AS-031-029 Tori
AS-031-030 Yome
SA-032 JA6 Osumi Is
AS-032-001 Iwo
AS-032-002 Kuchino-Erabu
AS-032-003 Kuro
AS-032-004 Mage
AS-032-005 Shin-Iwo
AS-032-006 Taka
AS-032-007 Tanega
AS-032-008 Yaku
AS-032-009 Yuse
AS-036 Iki/Tsushima Is
AS-036-001 Aka
AS-036-002 Ao
AS-036-003 Enoki
AS-036-004 Haehase
AS-036-005 Haru
AS-036-006 Iki
AS-036-007 Ko
AS-036-008 Kujirase
AS-036-009 Kuro
AS-036-010 Matsu
AS-036-011 Mitsu
AS-036-012 Naga
AS-036-013 Nagarase
AS-036-014 Nain
AS-036-015 Nezumi
AS-036-016 Oki
AS-036-017 Okino
AS-036-018 Shimanodan
AS-036-019 Tatsuno
AS-036-020 Tetsuga
AS-036-021 Tsu-Shima
AS-036-022 Tsumaga
AS-036-023 Uni
AS-036-025 Ushi
AS-036-025 O(O-Shima)
AS-037 JA6 Koshiki Is
AS-037-001 Chika
AS-037-002 Futago
AS-037-003 Kami-Koshiki
AS-037-004 Naka-Koshiki
AS-037-005 No
AS-037-006 Okono
AS-037-007 Shimo-Koshiki
AS-040 JA6 Goto Is
AS-040-001 Aino
AS-040-002 Aka
AS-040-003 Arifuku
AS-040-004 Biro
AS-040-005 Fukue
AS-040-006 Hata
AS-040-007 Hebo
AS-040-008 Hime
AS-040-009 Hino
AS-040-010 Hira
AS-040-011 Hisaka
AS-040-012 Hocho
AS-040-013 Hoge
AS-040-014 Ikenoko
AS-040-015 Kaba
AS-040-016 Kaize
AS-040-017 Kashiwa
AS-040-018 Kazura
AS-040-019 Ki
AS-040-020 Ko
AS-040-021 Kobiro
AS-040-022 Koguro
AS-040-023 Koitabe
AS-040-025 Koro
AS-040-026 Koshiki
AS-040-027 Kujirase
AS-040-028 Kuro
AS-040-029 Kushi
AS-040-030 Mae
AS-040-031 Madara
AS-040-032 Maeno
AS-040-033 Mu
AS-040-034 Nakadori
AS-040-035 Naru
AS-040-036 No
AS-040-037 Noanji
AS-040-038 Nozaki
AS-040-039 O (O-Shima) JCG 42004
AS-040-040 Oitabe
AS-040-041 Ojika
AS-040-042 Ore
AS-040-043 Otoko
AS-040-044 Sagano
AS-040-045 Sazaeno
AS-040-046 Shimayama
AS-040-047 Shinoki
AS-040-048 Shugen
AS-040-049 Takenoko
AS-040-050 Taro
AS-040-051 Tatera
AS-040-052 Tera
AS-040-053 Tsubura
AS-040-054 Tsutara
AS-040-055 Uku
AS-040-056 Unoko
AS-040-057 Uu
AS-040-058 Wa
AS-040-059 Wakamastu
AS-040-060 Warabiko
AS-040-061 Yaburoki
AS-040-062 Yamanju
AS-040-063 Yaneo
AS-040-064 Zuga
AS-041 JA4 Oki Is
AS-041-001 Asa
AS-041-002 Chiburi
AS-041-003 Dogo
AS-041-004 Kami
AS-041-005 Kanmuri
AS-041-006 Kohaka
AS-041-007 Komori
AS-041-008 Matsu
AS-041-009 Nakano
AS-041-010 Nisino
AS-041-011 Okaga
AS-041-012 Okino
AS-041-013 Omori
AS-041-014 Shijiki
AS-041-015 Shimazu
AS-041-016 Shiro
AS-043 JA1 South Izu
AS-043-001 Aoga
AS-043-002 Beyonezu
AS-043-003 Hachijo
AS-043-004 Hachijo Ko
AS-043-005 Myoujin
AS-043-006 Sofu
AS-043-007 Sumisu
AS-043-008 Tori
AS-047 JA6 Daito Is
AS-047-001 Kita-Daito
AS-047-002 Minami-Daito
AS-047-003 Oki-Daito
AS-049 JA6 Tokara Is
AS-049-001 Akuseki
AS-049-002 Gaja
AS-049-003 Hirase
AS-049-004 Kaminone
AS-049-005 Ko
AS-049-006 Kodakara
AS-049-007 Kogaja
AS-049-008 Kuchino
AS-049-009 Nakano
AS-049-010 Suwanose
AS-049-011 Taira
AS-049-012 Takara
AS-049-013 Yokoate
AS-052 Okino-Torishima 01.FEB.2001 Deleted
AS-056 JA6 Danjo Is
AS-056-001 Hanaguri
AS-056-002 Kuroki
AS-056-003 Me
AS-056-004 O-Shima
AS-056-005 Yori
AS-067 JA6 Uji -Kusagaki Is
AS-067-001 Kamino Kagoshima
AS-067-002 Kujyaku Kagoshima
AS-067-003 Kusagaki Kagoshima
AS-067-004 Nakano Kagoshima
AS-067-005 Same Kagoshima
AS-067-006 Uji Kagoshima
AS-067-007 Nishi-Tachigami Kagoshima
AS-067-008 shimono Kagoshima
AS-067-009 Uji-Mukai Kagoshima
AS-067-010 Minamino Kagoshima
AS-076 JA5 Shikoku Is
AS-076-001 Shikoku Is Shikoku Mainland
AS-077 JA6 Kyushu Is
AS-077-001 Kyushu Is Kyushu Mainland
AS-078 JA8 Hokkaido Is
AS-078-001 Hokkaido Is Hakkaido Mainland
AS-079 JA6 Miyako Is
AS-079-001 Ikema
AS-079-002 Irabu
AS-079-003 Kurima
AS-079-004 Minna
AS-079-005 Miyako
AS-079-006 Ogami
AS-079-007 Shimoji
AS-079-008 Tarama
AS-117 JA Honsyu Coastal Is
AS-117-001 Himaga JA2 Aichi Pref
AS-117-002 Hime
AS-117-003 Kaji
AS-117-004 No
AS-117-005 O (O-Shima ) JCC 2015 Gamagori
AS-117-006 Oki
AS-117-007 Saku
AS-117-008 Shino
AS-117-009 Kyoroku JA7 Aomori Pref
AS-117-010 Uki JA1 Chiba Pref
AS-117-011 Atata JA4 Hiroshima Pref
AS-117-012 Benten
AS-117-013 Eta
AS-117-014 Fune
AS-117-015 Hashiri
AS-117-016 Inno-Shima
AS-117-017 Kamiguro
AS-117-018 Kamikamagari
AS-117-019 Kanawa
AS-117-020 Kosagi
AS-117-021 Miya
AS-117-022 Naga
AS-117-023 Nino
AS-117-024 Nomi
AS-117-025 Ogurokami
AS-117-026 Osakikami
AS-117-027 Osakishimo
AS-117-028 Oshiba
AS-117-029 Sagi
AS-117-030 Shimoguro
AS-117-031 Shimokamakari
AS-117-032 Ta-Jima
AS-117-033 Toge
AS-117-034 Toyo
AS-117-035 Uji
AS-117-036 Yoko
AS-117-037 Awaji JA3 Hyogo Pref
AS-117-038 Ie-Shima
AS-117-039 Hegura JA9 Ishikawa Pref
AS-117-040 Nanatsu
AS-117-041 Saru JA1 Kanagawa Pref
AS-117-042 Kanmuri JA3 Kyoto Pref
AS-117-043 Ke
AS-117-044 Kami JA2 Mie Pref
AS-117-045 O (O-Shima) Kitamuro JCG 21008
AS-117-046 Sabaru
AS-117-047 Suga
AS-117-048 Suzu
AS-117-049 Toshi
AS-117-050 Ushi
AS-117-051 Aji JA7 Miyagi Pref
AS-117-052 Ashi
AS-117-053 Eno
AS-117-054 Hira
AS-117-055 Kasagai
AS-117-056 Kinkasan
AS-117-057 No
AS-117-058 O (O-Shima) Kesannuma JCC 0605
AS-117-059 Tashiro
AS-117-060 Tsubaki
AS-117-061 Yakei
AS-117-062 Awa JA0 Niigata Pref
AS-117-063 Sado
AS-117-064 Ao JA4 Okayama Pref
AS-117-065 I-Shima
AS-117-066 Inuno
AS-117-067 Kakui
AS-117-068 Kamimizu
AS-117-069 Kashira
AS-117-070 Ko-Jima
AS-117-071 Kuro
AS-117-072 Manabe
AS-117-073 Mu
AS-117-074 Obi
AS-117-075 Otabu
AS-117-076 Shimomizu
AS-117-077 So
AS-117-078 Taka
AS-117-079 Tsuru
AS-117-080 Taka JA4 Shimane Pref JCC 3204
AS-117-081 Uma Hamada City JCC 3202
AS-117-082 Hatsu JA2 Shizuoka Pref
AS-117-083 Karimo JA3 Wakayama Pref
AS-117-084 Kuro Nishimuro JCG 26005
AS-117-085 O (O-Shima)
AS-117-086 Okino-Shima Wakayama
AS-117-087 Taka
AS-117-088 Tobi
AS-117-089 Ai
AS-117-090 Ganryu
AS-117-091 Ha
AS-117-092 Hashira
AS-117-093 Hodaka
AS-117-094 Iseko
AS-117-095 Iwaki
AS-117-096 Kasado
AS-117-097 Kasasa
AS-117-098 Preliminary number
AS-117-099 Kurakake
AS-117-100 Kuro
AS-117-101 Kurokami
AS-117-102 Mae
AS-117-103 Mi (Mi-Shima) Hagi City
AS-117-104 Mu
AS-117-105 Mutsure
AS-117-016 No
AS-117-107 O (O-Shima) Nagato City
AS-117-108 O (O-Shima) Hagi City
AS-117-109 O (O-Shiama) Hagi City
AS-117-110 Otsu
AS-117-111 Saba
AS-117-112 Sen
AS-117-113 Take
AS-117-114 Te
AS-117-115 Tsuno
AS-117-116 Uki
AS-117-117 Ya
AS-117-118 Yashiro
AS-147 JA8 Hokkaido Coastal Is
AS-147-001 Daikoku
AS-147-002 Ko (Ko-Shima)
AS-147-003 Moeyururi
AS-147-004 O (O-Shiama) Matsumae JCG 01067
AS-147-005 Okushiri
AS-147-006 Rebun
AS-147-007 Rishiri
AS-147-008 Teuri
AS-147-009 Yagishiri
AS-147-010 Yururi
AS-??? JA6 Senkaku Is
AS-001 Undecided
AS-002 Undecided
OC-073 JD1 Minami Torishima (Marcus Is)
OC-073-001 Minami-Torishima