Lake Maggiore Award              

L.M.A. Lake Maggiore Award - Diploma del Lago Maggiore

A group of O.M. belonging to Crazy DX Group have issued the "LAKE MAGGIORE AWARD", with the purpose of spreading the historical, naturalistic and touristic image of the Lake Maggiore islands and for broadcasting the Italian Lake Islands Award (I.L.I.A.)
The Diploma will be permanent and will be achievable from all the OM and SWL. Every QSO (HRD) in the HF (Warc included) and VHF bands, in CW, SSB, RTTY mode, from January 1st 1999, will be valid.
QSO (HRD) through land-repeaters won't be valid.
Italian OM (SWL) will need at least 6 (six) different islands in the Maggiore Lake from I.L.I.A list, and among them there must be at least an island of the Lombardia coast (LOM references). European OM (SWL) will need at least 4 (four) different islands (at least one of them must be an island of the Lombardia coast). Not European OM (SWL) will need at least 2 (two) different islands (one in in the Piedmontese coast and the other in the Lombardia one). Expeditioners will need to activate 4 (four) different islands (at least one of them must be an island of the Lombardia coast). Only activities that have been recognized valid for I.L.I.A Award will be considered valid for the L.M.A.

The L.M.A. Award will be released in two categories: "HF" (included Warc) and "VHF" (frequencies over 30 MHz); possible modes are: CW, SSB, RTTY and MIXED.

To get the Award, it's necessary to send the log-list signed from the applicant (and whoever is enrolled to the Crazy DX Club, must write his membership serial number). The Award Manager will have the faculty of requiring the original QSL cards, if necessary. Award applications have to be sent to the following Award Manager address:
IZ1ANZ - Marco CERRUTI - P. O. BOX 146 - 13100 VERCELLI - ITALY.
Cost of the L.M.A. Award is 10 US$ as repayment expenses (for the Crazy DX Group members the cost is 8 US$). Every year, possible leftovers of management will be sent to UNICEF.

Crazy DX Group will publish on his weekly italian islands bulletin and on his internet site ( the list of the OM (SWL) having achieved the Award; the list will be also published on the L.M.A. Award web pages at the address:

NOTE: The Award will be presented and released, in occasion of the next Crazy DX Group DX-Meeting 2000 on the Fishermen (Pescatori) Island - Stresa - Maggiore Lake, the next May 14th, 2000.

ILIA References currently valid for L.M.A. Award:

          LOM09 PARTEGORA islet
          LOM11 GALLETTO rock
          PIE02 PESCATORI island
          PIE03 BELLA island
          PIE04SAN GIOVANNI rock
          PIE05 MADRE island
          PIE06 LE PRIGIONI rock
          PIE07MARGHERA islet
          PIE08 CASTELLO islet
          PIE09 MELGONARO rock