Diploma isole Campane                    
by ARI Pozzuoli
The Section Ari of Pozzuoli it founds to permanent character the Diploma of the Islands Campania Region D.I.C. The contacts are valid had all subsequently 01/01/1990
with working stations from islands and rock-cliffs of the provinces of Naples and Salerno with definitive references as from list
I.I.A. current to the date of the application of the diploma. The diploma will be released to OM, SWL, YL Italian ,europeis,
and extra-European provided to regulate license ,con the followings criterions:

OM/SWL/YL - Italian
25 islands (rock-cliffs) confirmed.

OM/SWL/YL - European
15 islands (rock-cliffs) confirmed.

OM/SWL/YL - Extra European
5 islands (rock-cliffs) confirmed.

They are admitted all mode and all band included WARC They are excluded qso by repeating bridges.

It is not necessary to send ,what however to qsl of confirmation they must be to disposition of the applicant for one
possible application of the Award Manager,ma the photocopies before-back of the qsls with an extract so articulated log: references in chronological order with relative name  of the island or of the rocks, date, time, call, band, mode,
rstd, rstr, ed particularly for the SWL-HRD; all signed by the applicant, and two OMs like it tries of happens him control.
The Award Manager of concert with the Directive  section her the faculty is reserved to not consider qsl or doubtful activations
or you don't conform to the rule I.I.A. The cost of realization and release of the diploma (plate serigrafy)is L.30.000 (25 $or equivalent in IRC)
The applications of the Diploma must be forwarded to:
Section Ari Pozzuoli
P.O. BOX  1
Award Manager DIC
Antonio Barbato IK8UHA  E-mail ik8uha@amsat.org
80078 Pozzuoli -NA -ITALY


NA-001   Isola d'Ischia                                      EU-031
NA-002   Isola di Procida                                    EU-031
NA-003   Il Gallo Lungo                                      EU-031
NA-004   Nisida                                           
NA-005   Isola Vivara                                        EU-031
NA-006   Isola di Capri                                      EU-031
NA-007   Scogli Gaiola                                   
NA-008   Scoglio Isca                                     
NA-009   Scoglio Rovigliano                              
NA-010   Scoglio Vervece                                     EU-031
NA-011   I Faraglioni di Capri                               EU-031
NA-012   Scoglio Monacone                                    EU-031
NA-013   Scoglio Scruopolo                                
NA-014   Scoglio San Martino                              
NA-015   Scoglio A Penna                                  
NA-016   La Rotonda                                          EU-031
NA-017   Scoglio Vetara o Vivaro                          
NA-018   La Castelluccia                                     EU-031
NA-019   Scoglio della Margherita                         
NA-020   Scoglio dei Francesi                           
NA-021   Scoglio Lungo                                  
NA-022   Isola Megaride
NA-023   Scoglio Cannone                                     EU-031
NA-024   Ischia Minore                                       EU-031
NA-025   Scoglio della Tartaruga                         
NA-026   Scoglio del Vichingo                            
NA-027   Lo Schiavone (Procida)                              EU-031
NA-028   DELETED [Scoglio di Servilio Valio]             
NA-029   Scoglio di Villa Vazia                          
NA-030   Lo Schiavone di Miliscola                       
NA-031   Scoglio Sant'Anna (Procida)                         EU-031
NA-032   Scoglio di Punta dei Monaci (Procida)               EU-031
NA-033   DELETED [Scoglio Lingua (Procida)]             
NA-034   Il Fungo o Pietra del Lacco (Ischia)                EU-031
NA-035   La Nave (Ischia)                                    EU-031
NA-036   Scogli Camerata (Ischia)                            EU-031
NA-037   Scoglio Lorio (Ischia)                              EU-031
NA-038   Scoglio Sant'Anna (Ischia)                          EU-031
NA-039   Scoglio San Francesco                           
NA-040   Scoglio Palombaro di San Basilio                
NA-041   Scoglio della Badessa                           
NA-042   Scoglio del Castello (Fortino Tenaglia)         
NA-043   La Tavola di Mare                               
NA-044   Scoglio della Pennata                           
NA-045   Spinesante                                          EU-031
NA-046   Pietra Impisa                                       EU-031
NA-047   Pietre Rosse                                        EU-031
NA-048   Pietra Bianca                                       EU-031
NA-049   Pietra Nera                                         EU-031
NA-050   Chianare di Spadera                                 EU-031
SA-001   Isola Licosa                                        EU-031
SA-002   Isola delle Sirene o di Camerota              
         o della Torre delle Viole
SA-003   Scoglio Scialandro                            
SA-004   Il Coniglio o Scoglio della Marina            
SA-005   Scoglio Mingardo