Isole Della Laguna di Grado                    


The components of the Grado isl. dxpedition team and the section ARI of Grado found to permanent character the award "Islands of the lagoon of Grado" for all the OM/SWL that proove the QSO/HRD of the islands regularly activated by the partners affiliates to the section of Grado.

The italian OM/SWL, needs to confirm 10 islands, EU need 5. All the bands and modes are OK.

All the islands of Grado lagoon qualifying for IIA are valid more the possible "new ones" in progress of cataloguing.

Send CGR list signed by two OMs or Award manager of local section (The AWARD MANAGER reserves the right to require any or all of them if necessary).

Application must be sent to : ARI section of Grado, award manager, Po Box 123, 34073 Grado (Gorizia).

Fee of the award is 10 , 10 USD or 15 IRC. Award manager is IV3WMI.