Islands of Sea of Rybinsk                 


This is a wooden plaque "Islands of Sea of Rybinsk", sponsored by the Rybinsk DX Group and may be awarded to all licensed radio amateurs, for radio contacts with the amateur radio stations operating from islands of the Rybinsk water basin (a group of islands RR-22 under the list of the Russian national island program of club "Russian Robinson" (RRA).

The plaque has three levels which are awarded for different level of achievements. The requirements are for 2-way contacts with stations operating from island group, therefore the same station may be contacted from different islands, or was used with different expeditions (for different calendar years, or sthe same station worked from different islands.

Class 3 - 10 QSO / 10 islands
Class 2 - 20 QSO / 15 islands
Class 1 - 30 QSO / 20 islands
Excellence - 75 % of all valid islands activated at the time of application.

All bands (including WARC), all modes and dates of contact are permitted. with radio stations working from the water area of the Rybinsk water basin (on QSL there should be a corresponding text naming the area or showing the RDA (Russian District Award code) specified. The plaque may be endorsed for all one mode or band. The numbering of plaques will not be affected by endorsement status. Activators may earn the award by activating the same numbers of valid islands.

Submit list of contacts in a GCR list, certified by signatures of two radio amateurs having individual call signs or of local radio club together with payment of cost of a plaquette. QSLs are not required. Stations living in remote districts and experiencing difficulty with verifying the QSO data, may send their application without its certification, but must be prepared to submit cards on request of the sponsor. The manager of the diploma reserves the right to itself to request for check QSL for any communication.

Fee for the plaques are as follows:

a. For Russian amateurs - 780 roubles,
b. For Europeans 35 Euro or 35 U.K. pounds;
c. For all others - $US45.

Apply to: Shabalin Vladimir Martovich, Ul. Architekturnaja 1-4, Rybinsk, Yaroslavskaja obl, 152916, Russia.


-Translation from K1BV site-