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PX IOTA Islands
IP1, IA1 EU-083 Islands in Liguria region
IS0 EU-024 Sardinia main island
IM0 EU-041 La Maddalena group and coastals islands of Sardinia
IA5 EU-028 Islands in Toscana region
IB0 EU-045 Pontine islands and others islands in Lazio region
IC8 EU-031 Islands in Camapania region - province of Naples
IL8 EU-031 Islands in Campania region - province of Salermo
ID8, IJ8 EU-144 Islands in Calabria region
IL8, IN8 EU-144 Islands in Basicalata region
ID9 EU-017 Eolie islands group
IE9 EU-51 Ustica island and smaller islands
IF9 EU-054 Egadie islands group
IG9 AF-019 Pelagie islands group
IH9 AF-018 Pantelleria island and smaller islands
IT9, IJ9



Sicily main islands and coastal islands (except ID9, IE9, IF9, IG9, IH9)
ID7 EU-050 Islands in Puglia region except Cheradi islands and Tremiti islands
IJ7 EU-073 Cheradi islands and others islands in Lecce province of Puglia region (except Tremiti islands)
IL7 EU-050 Tremiti islands and others islands in the province of Bari, Brindisiand Foggia in Puglia region
IL4, IL3, IL6 EU-155 (not all) Islands in the Adriatic sea
IL3, I3, IK3 EU-131 Islands in the Venice lagoon
IL3, IV3 EU-130 Islands in the lagoon of Grado, Rovigo and Udine (prov.)

Note : These prefixes refer to current italian regulations. Moreover, some prefixes have been included (IL6, ID7, IL8, IN8, IJ8) as used during several expeditions as settled practice.

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