Principality of Sealand

Sealand is located in the southern part of the North Sea some six miles off the coast of Great Britain and from sixty-five to one hundred miles from the coasts of France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Latitude 51.53 N, Longitude 01.28 E .Sealand was founded as a sovereign Principality in 1967 in what had been international waters.


La Principauté du Sealand se trouve dans la partie Sud de la Mer du Nord à environ six miles des côtes britanniques et soixante cinq miles des côtes françaises, belges, néerlandaises et allemandes. Latitude 51.53 N, Longitude 01.28 E. La Principauté du Sealand a été fondée en 1967.  


QSL de la seule opération depuis le Sealand (préfixe S1) en septembre 1982 par des OMs allemands (DL6PE, DK8KW, DC5BT et DF2AO).



QSL from the only one operation from the smallest country in the world, Sealand (Prefixe S1). The operation by some germans operators (DL6PE, DK8KW, DC5BT et DF2AO) took place in september 1982


A l'origine de ce micro pays : une plateforme de défense arérienne de l'armée brittanique de la seconde guerre mondiale implantée par erreur dans les eaux internationales


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One of the tiniest Micronations, Sealand, lying 6 miles off the coast of Felixtowe, Essex, England, in the English Channel, is the size of a baseball diamond and consists of a steel platform created during World War Two as a radar and gun installation, known as a "Maunsell Fort." The fort, called "Roughs Tower," was taken over around 1966 by two British businessmen, Roy Bates and Ronan O'Rahilly. O'Rahilly was the head of the pirate radio station "Radio Caroline" and Bates--an infamous tax-evader--was the former owner of a similar venture, "Radio Essex." The two men planned to seize the fort and convert it into a "fun palace," a "health farm" for exhausted show business people and insomniacs. However, the two men had a falling out, and Roy Bates took control of the tower. O'Rahilly's men attempted to seize control in June of 1967, but were repulsed by Bates' men, who defended the tower with guns, Molotov cocktails, petrol bombs, and even a flame-thrower! By August, the dispute had escalated and a detachment of Royal Marine commandos was preparing to retake the tower for Britain. The British government ordered Bates to surrender the tower "to prevent it falling into the hands of foreign interests," but Bates vowed to defend the tower with force.

At this point, Roy Bates declared the tower an independent nation, "The Principality of Sealand," on 2 September 1967. According to one witness, Bates told British officials: "This has nothing to do with you. I can tell them to murder someone if I want to. I am the person responsible for the law in Sealand." By October of 1968 the standoff was still continuing. Roy Bates was hauled into court on guns charges, but was acquitted when the court ruled that Roughs Tower was outside British territorial waters. It is reported that Prince Roy once warded off British customs craft by firing a rifle over their bows. Sealand was reportedly still going strong in 1984, although one source claims Bates had to abandon the territory in the early 1990's because of rough weather. (TPA; World War Two magazine, March 1996; The Times [London], June 1967-October 1968; Strauss 132-138)